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Victor Fangio

On Sunday morning, US time, after finishing the 2021 season with a 6-10 record, the Mustangs officially fired head coach Vic Fangio.

The Mustangs have had five consecutive seasons with fewer wins and more losses. Fangio served as the coach for three of them, with a total record of 19-30. In the official statement issued by the Mustangs, Fangio expressed his gratitude to the Mustangs, saying that it was “a great honor” to be the coach of the Mustangs.

Fangio also thanked the Broncos fans: “You have made Denver one of the best cities in the NFL. This team already has a foundation for great achievements, and the Broncos have a bright future. I hope the team’s future will be smooth sailing. ”

In addition, the Mustangs also fired offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur and Secret Service Coordinator Tom McMahon. General Manager George Paton (George Paton) said: “(The coach’s) number one criterion is leadership ability. We hope to find talents who can lead the club forward.”