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Rams safety Weddle says he won’t play after Super Bowl

In order to help the Los Angeles Rams, whose second-tier lineup is desperate for depth, 37-year-old safety Eric Weddle has returned to the front line and has helped the Rams continue their playoff journey in the past three weeks.

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However, this does not mean that Wedel will want to continue the 2022 season. When participating in the radio show, Wedel made it clear that he would return to retirement after the Super Bowl.

“It feels good to know that I don’t have to prepare for next season, I don’t have to think about the offseason, I don’t even have to think about the Super Bowl last week. I’m just trying my best to play,” Wedel said. I’m going to go back to my old life, I’m not going to be back again. I’m not going to join another team, I’m not going to play another game. No, no, no, no.”

Wedel finished with nine tackles in Sunday’s game against the 49ers, leading the team in the same game. The return of Taylor Rapp may affect Weddle’s mission on the floor, but the Rams have no reason to ditch him.