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Bears to trade defensive end Caryl Mike to Chargers

The Bears will trade six-time Pro Bowl defensive end Khalil Mack to the Chargers, ESPN reporters reported on Thursday. The Lightning will have a second-round pick in 2022 and a sixth-round pick in 2023.

Mike, who was traded to Chicago by the Raiders in 2018, finished second in Defensive Player of the Year voting with 12.5 sacks in his first year with the Bears. But it was also Mike’s only season with the Bears with a double-digit sack. Mike had six sacks in seven games last season and was out in November with a foot injury.

The Bears’ defensive line ranked third in the league in defense against the run this season, averaging 138.9 yards per game. Opponents also have the league’s highest average third-pitch conversion success rate (69 percent).

Mike will be paired with another strong pass rusher, Joey Bosa, for the Chargers. Over the past five seasons, Mike and Bosa have both ranked in the top four in pressure and both have 12 sacks that resulted in fumbles.

Mike’s current contract has three years left, and his salary after that is $17.75 million, $22.9 million, and $23.25 million, respectively. Lightning will take over this contract.